Anti-Establishment soft target Asim Saleem Bajwa or CPEC, a multi-billion dollar project financed and led by China?




CPEC is a vital to-go motive for Pakistan and China.  Both the countries have been working on many projects like Gwadar port, Diamer dam, and many more. Lieutenant General (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa was appointed as the Chairman China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and has provided enough results in both infrastructure and energy development in Pakistan.

Recent domestic and external developments are injecting momentum into CPEC, positioning it for a resurgence.

Under the leadership of Bajwa, a retired lieutenant general, the CPEC Authority enabled its momentum and pace, and hence more projects expedited more effectively in time.

A controversial reporter Ahmed Noorani published an authentic report against CPEC Authority Chairman Asim Saleem Bajwa on the basis of the allegations leveled by Indian retired Major Gaurav Arya who has been called out on more than one occasion for sharing fake news stories. Ahmad Noorani’s story had many loose loops.

Ahmed Noorani himself living in self-exile in the United States for the past several months living lavish life without any clear understanding of how he supports and finances himself and that the allegations against Bajwa were first raised by Maj. (r) Gaurav a junior co-host with Arnab Goswami of Republic TV in India all raised serious questions about the nature and origin of allegations and real intention behind the Noorani’s story.


The weaknesses of Noorani’s story were conveniently overlooked in the hopes of creating a scandal against the Pakistan Army to tarnish & malign its sacred image and to sabotage the CPEC project under heinous attempt as CPEC accelerated its fast track pace and completed many of its halted projects under the visionary and dynamic leadership of Asim Saleem Bajwa.

Gen. Asim Bajwa confidently gave his 4-page rebuttal on Media. Assumptions on which Noorani had structured his apparently powerful narrative collapsed miserably. Bajwa’s clarification effectively debunked Noorani’s main fake thesis which emphasized and focused only on rising of his military career in Pakistan”.

Hence the scam proved nothing but an attempt to sabotage the progress of CPEC projects in Pakistan.

Even the Chinese government has expressed deep confidence & satisfaction over the appointment of the military’s studious, talented and capable retired general as Chairman CPEC Authority.

Mr. Asim Saleem Bajwa has shown his excel in his military profession throughout his professional life and served on many key positions of Pakistan Army including DG ISPR and Corp Commander Baluchistan as well and Baluchistan saw an era of peace and prosperity under his zealous command. Asim Bajwa’s understanding on issues of CPEC because of his work on CPEC development projects in Baluchistan where he headed the Southern Command (based in Quetta) after moving from ISPR and he had earned the trust of the Chinese govt.


Anti-Establishment soft target Asim Saleem Bajwa
Anti-Establishment soft target Asim Saleem Bajwa or CPEC, a multi-billion dollar project financed and led by China?

The country’s opposition and the parts of media that either support the opposition parties or are considered anti-establishment, pro-west or pro-India are still carrying their nefarious agenda of campaigning against Asim Saleem Bajwa. They spew venom against CPEC Chairman Asim Bajwa considering him a soft target to attack in order to malign Pakistan Army directly or indirectly. The incumbent opposition has made it their fashion trademark to drag Pakistan Army and its Generals into mire either to appease India or their funding supporter foreign Masters.

Many had hoped that Ahmed Noorani’s blog story from an Indian site will lead to Gen. Bajwa’s exit from both positions (CPEC Authority and SAPM on Information).

Those who have orchestrated viciousness are the same unscrupulous forces who are always hell-bent to cripple the blossoming spirit and electrifying momentum in the entire activity of CPEC projects.

Since the launch of CPEC in 2015, there have been numerous attempts of  malign to derail the multi-billion development project.

Asim Bajwa is a competent and brilliant person and is picked up as Chairman CPEC Authority as he is trustworthy for all the stakeholders and he is the one who just believes in delivering via his tremendous performance and there is no two opinions on it. CPEC Authority was created to restore pending projects to expedite them on time with a speedy pace.

Since nothing worked as per mischievous attention and CPEC came clean, anti-state forces have now come up with new nastiness that aims to vilify the character and vibrant & clean Army career  of the Chairman of CPEC authority

The present opposition campaign against Pakistan Army and institutes is very meaningful

Opposition frustration against Pakistan Army reflects their desperation and lust for power.

DG ISPR, Iftikhar Babar has categorically stated that Pakistan Army and institutes have nothing to do with politics thus practice of dragging the Army into nasty politics should be shunned now.

As soon as Asim Saleem Bajwa assumed the charge of the chairman of CPEC Authority 8 energy projects of CPEC got completed while 9 other energy projects are under completion on fast track basis.

After successful completion of the first phase, CPEC is expanding into its second phase as per schedule despite a very serious setback of COVID-19 around the world, ensuring economic stability and well-being of the people of Pakistan.

The timely implementation of the projects was one of the manifestations of time-tested friendship between the two countries that only became possible once Asim Bajwa assumed the charge of Chairman CPEC Authority.

CPEC project is a game-changer as it has brought employment, prosperity, and socio-economic development to the country.

The next stage focuses more on areas of industrial cooperation, agriculture, and socio-economic development to promote CPEC into a demonstration project for high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative for the prosperity of Pakistan and who could be threatened of turning CPEC a “dream project” into reality under the dynamic, efficient and competent leadership of Asim Bajwa?

Since the day CPEC “Authority” came into being and Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa assumed the charge as its “Chairman”, CPEC got a “new lease of life”. A few months back, the impression or propaganda against the CPEC had been created slowing down was portrayed. Mischief mongers ganged up to float misleading information that the gulf of a trust-deficit between the leadership of China and Pakistan on CPEC was throwing a spanner in the works. They also tried to misguide the world by spreading misinformation that political parties and the government of Pakistan were not on the same page on the existence and execution of CPEC.

The day Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa took the charge of CPEC Authority, he Proved his brilliance and management skills, he made everybody take immediate and stunning notice by restoring the spirit of CPEC as a “game-changer”.

Under his dynamic leadership acumen, CPEC’s two hydro projects made the headlines. Kohala (1124MW) and Azad Patan (700MW) Hydel projects have been signed and committed, which clearly expresses the commitment shown by both the Chinese and Pakistani governments and their private sectors including banks in both countries. ML-1 got approved by ECNEC at a cost of $6.806 billion from Peshawar to Karachi (1872 KMs) including Havelian Dry Port and upgrading Walton Academy. These three projects costing $10.9 billion were rolled out in just two months.

The CPEC Authority Chairman’s performance came into limelight when the 80KM two-way Mansehra-Thakot expressway costing Rs 136 billion was opened for traffic recently. It is an extension of the 40 KM Havelian-Mansehra 4-lane Motorway.

Due to his dynamic vision, 306 KMs Sukkur-Hyderabad Motorway (M-6) was approved by ECNEC on BOT basis. With a contribution to the construction boom, socio-economic revolution for interior Sindh, it will complete the Peshawar-Karachi Eastern Route. It will also link east Balochistan to the entire Motorway network. A new optic fiber cable was also operationalized from Khunjerab to Islamabad. The next phase will be laid from Islamabad to Karachi and to Gwadar as part of the digital highway plan.

Under Asim Bajwa as Chairman CPEC Authority Pakistan started transit trade to Afghanistan via sea route by making the Gwadar port operational.

This is just a glimpse of multi-faced progress that has been made under the leadership of Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa as Chairman of CPEC Authority. The pace of progress of CPEC is all set to further accelerate in the coming days, catalyzing the timely completion of CPEC projects. Asim Bajwa excellent, marvelous, and delivering  performance has hammered in the last nail in the coffin of the enemies of CPEC

Now the question that arises in many minds is whether Pakistan opposition and anti-military or pro-west or pro-Indian campaign prime target is Asim Saleem Bajwa or CPEC, a multi-billion dollar project financed and led by China?

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