Argentina’s president tests positive for Covid-19 even after vaccination

Argentina’s president tests positive for Covid-19 even after vaccination
Argentina's president tests positive for Coronavirus after vaccination

Alberto Fernández, Argentine President has tested positive for Coronavirus despite having been vaccinated in January.

Fernández via his Twitter handle has informed on Saturday said that he took a quick antigen test for the virus after feeling a headache and experiencing a fever of 37.3 Celsius (99.1 Fahrenheit).

He said he otherwise has light symptoms, is in quarantine and is “physically well.”

The president, who turned 62 on Friday, received a dose of the Sputnik V vaccine on Jan. 21 and a second dose a few days inerval.

None of the vaccines used against the new coronavirus completely eliminate infections, though they have been shown to sharply reduce the rate of infection and its severity.

The Russian Gamaleya Institute that produced the vaccine tweeted that it wished the president a quick recovery, and said the vaccine has a 91.6% rate of effectiveness against infection and 100% against critical cases.

“If the infection is confirmed and occurred, the vaccination assures a rapid recovery without severe symptoms,” it said.

Argentina recently imposed border restrictions due to an upsurge in cases. The country of some 45 million people has recorded nearly 2.4 million infections, with 56,000 deaths. It has administered more than 4 million doses of vaccine against the disease.