Covid-19 most serious global crisis since World War 2, PM Imran Khan

Covid-19 most serious global crisis since World War 2 Pakistan news
Covid-19 most serious global crisis since World War 2 Pakistan news

Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed on Friday a 10-point agenda on how to avoid an economic collapse in developing countries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He was addressing virtually a two-day special session of the UN General Assembly.
The idea of the session, which opened on Thursday, was to develop a united recovery response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. It will be addressed by 141 speakers, including 53 heads of state, 39 heads of government, four deputy prime ministers, and 38 ministers through pre-recorded videos.
Debt suspension, drawing rights of $500 billion and return of stolen assets stashed in rich countries topped some of the suggestions on the premier’s list.
The PM called this pandemic the most serious global crisis since the Second World War.
He assured the UNGA president that his 10-point solution will benefit poor countries more than all other measures put together.
The virus has infected nearly 65 million people so far and killed close to 1.5 million and the poorest countries and the poor are suffering the most, he said, expressing the hope that whenever a vaccine is available, it would be offered to everyone.
Developing countries just do not have the resources to afford such a massive economic stimulus … They are struggling to find even a fraction of the $2-3 trillion they require to recover from the pandemic,” he said, asking the international community to identify and implement some key priority actions to avoid an economic crisis.