EU condemns Israel’s demolition of Palestinian structures in Jordan Valley

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EU condemns Israel’s demolition of Palestinian tents in Hamsa Al-Foqo

Occupied Palestine: The European Union has condemned Israel’s demolition of tents and structures, including residential, livelihood, and sanitation facilities, belonging to Palestinian families in Hamsa al-Foqa village Jordan Valley, while the Army of the illegal Zionist state of Israel says it destroyed structures and residential tents that were erected illegally in the army training zone.

Shadi Othman, spokesman for the EU office to the Palestinians, confirmed that a group of European diplomats are visiting the village to inspect it after the Israeli demolishing of its tents, which left 80 people, including 48 children, homeless.

Othman noted that the visit is a political message to the Israeli occupation, saying that there must be a response to maintain the Palestinian existence and prevent the forcible displacement of the village residents.

“What’s happening in the village is a forcible displacement and eviction of its residents,” Othman said.

He also pointed out that the Israeli occupation confiscated materials that were humanitarian assistance funded by the EU to the village residents.

United Nations data showed that Tuesday’s action was Israel’s largest single demolition of a Palestinian community, in terms of numbers of structures affected, in over a decade.