France to impose 4-week lockdown to curb rising coronavirus cases, announces President Macron


President Macron in a national address has announced to extend limited lockdown in France for 4 weeks.

Emmanuel Macron has announced that lockdown measures for the Covid-19 pandemic will be extended across the country from Saturday for four weeks, in an attempt to combat a spike in the deadly “third wave” of infections that is threatening to overwhelm hospitals.

“It’s not about giving in to panic,” Macron said. “We have not lost control. . . but we can’t be in denial either.”

Macron announced school closure for three weeks, homeschooling would apply from Monday for a week before the scheduled spring holiday — a measure that will keep classes shut for three consecutive weeks.

Macron announced a nationwide curfew to be imposed from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., and that nonessential shops would shutter, with the total cost of emergency support running at €11bn a month.

The latest lockdown restrictions also require people to have a certificate to travel further than 10 kilometers, or 6 miles.

Macron regretted that just over 10% of the French population had been vaccinated and that daily new COVID-19 infections had doubled to 40,000. The number of people with COVID-19 in intensive-care units in France stood at a peak of 5,000 on Tuesday.

Macron also announced the expansion of vaccination drive against covid-19 patients for free commencing from April 16.