Indian Major Gaurav Arya Mocked for Tweeting Fake Letter


In yet another failed attempt, Indian Major is caught lying & manipulating through social media account merely to meddle & interfere into Pakistani politics to show support for their last of the pawns. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how many times they are caught red-handed but we are dealing with an enemy having no moral or dignity or even self-respect. Moreover, one can understand how the followership is fooled and RSS/BJP voters are somehow shown with fake muscle.

Since the political arena is hot nowadays whereby no one else but the Military has been targeted through mischief and lies; their attempts of slander failed so they are now going ahead with fake letters & blames. It is in fact a proof that most Indian covert/overt success is nothing but a drama orchestrated on the basis of a low-quality script having all the lies.

Indian Retd mouthpieces are only good with lies or using proxies into any domain be it, terrorists, with weapons, pen, or even within political circles. India is notorious worldwide for its fake propaganda against its rival countries. In order to camouflage its atrocities, racism and discrimination against its own citizens and innocent Kashmiris, they launch a fake campaign of the propaganda war to divert the world’s attention from its heinous designs. This is not the first time the Indian Major has indulged in provocative posturing.

India has actually proved itself a ” Religious bigot ” country bypassing CAA in the Indian Parliament. Modi Sarkar has proved India as a Racist and Fascist country on the map of the world.

India is exposed before the entire world through CAA legislation. Thousands of new wave of protests in India against the controversial citizenship law is a “beginning of the end”. A new wave of protests in India against the controversial citizenship law is a “beginning of the end”.

Since Pakistan  is a country who firmly believes in religious harmony and shown its practical example by opening the Kartapur Border which is a slap on the face of so-called ” secular India ” Thus it keeps propagating against Pakistan  to mislead the world but the truth and image of Pakistan cannot be tarnished

Last but not the least ” CAA is the last nail in the coffin of India and Modi Sarkar.

Indian Major Gaurav Arya’a propaganda warfare is just an effort to “divert attention” from the simmering domestic tension due to the Citizenship Act and grave internal problematic issues India facing for the last 9 months.

India is in the “hands of extremist ideologists and racists” who are promoting the “ideology of hate” in the South Asian region. “No one knows where India is heading

India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated, and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises.

But the news media in India is in a crisis of its own. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle just because of the fake propaganda India has focussed on against Pakistan.

Indian Major’s fake propaganda is the latest manifestation of extremist indoctrination in India’s state institutions.

Pakistan aware of the dangers of a belligerent fascist mindset in illegal Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir to regional peace. The world needs to take notice of Indian atrocities in IOJ&K and against minorities across India,

An extremist ideology RSS has taken over a nuclear-armed country of over a billion people. It is an ideology based on racial superiority & hatred of Muslims & all minorities. Whenever this genie has come out of the bottle, it has always led to bloodshed

India brutally violating all principles of humanity in India and Illegal Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The repetition of Indian propaganda by Indian state machinery is actually the same rhetoric to hoodwink the world. Even now the world simply brushes aside such fake & hilarious propaganda and allegations which has become a “trademark agenda“ Indian foreign policy.

India’s propaganda is a foil attempt to discredit Pakistan’s image but in my opinion, sooner the propaganda tool of Indian “state and “foreign policy “ will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of both cunning and crafty India’s integration and Modi Sarkar.

In the end, I would urge world powers to focus on settling down Kashmir through plebiscite and Kashmiris should be given their right of self-determination according to the United Nations resolution. I really wonder why the UN has not taken any action so far to implement its resolution even after the passage of more than 70 years.

Is it justified to comment that the UN is a tout to powerful countries” to appease their Masters “?

Shama Munshi