Israel continue to raze and vandalize Muslim cemetery in occupied Jerusalem

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demolition of Cemetery is the violation of international legitimacy Muslim cemetery International news

Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli occupation forces on Sunday continued razing and vandalizing the parts of the outer wall of a Palestinian cemetery Al-Shuhada, which is an extension of the Al-Yusifiya cemetery in the occupied East Jerusalem.

Head of the committee for the preservation of Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem, Mustafa Abu Zahra said that the Israeli municipality in Occupied Jerusalem persisted in carrying out bulldozing and digging works at the Muslim Shuhada cemetery, which contains the graves of people killed by Israeli forces in the 1967 war.

The demolition, which Israeli officials had attempted to carry out last month, was part of an ongoing campaign by the Israel Land Authority (ILA) to level the lands of the cemetery in order to build a national park for illegal settlers in the area.

The UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha), called Israeli actions a “grave breach” of international law and this is a clear violation of international legitimacy and the decisions of international humanitarian law,”