Lambah welcomes Bajwa-Doval duo good for back-door dialogues

Bajwa-Doval duo good for back-door negotiations: ex-Indian envoy
Bajwa-Doval duo good for back-door negotiations: ex-Indian envoy

Indian diplomat Satinder Lambah former Indian diplomat, has welcomed the recent thaw in the relations between the two arch rivals India and Pakistan. Satinder Lambah has been involved in backchannel diplomacy between Islamabad and New Delhi.

Lambah, special envoy to ex-Indian premier Manmohan Singh and ran the official back- door channel between India and Pakistan, expressed his views during an interview with “The Hindu” that backdoor talks, if true, between Indian National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval and Pakistan’s army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa would be a “good combination”.

The seasoned diplomat said despite all differences between the two countries, Gen Bajwa and NSA Doval are a “good combination” to supervise the negotiations process.

The former envoy said the recent backdoor dialogues between the two countries are bilateral and it is very unlikely that any other country including UAE had any involvement or mediated the whole process. Although it may be influenced & pressurized by the US President Joe “Biden effect,” he added, without elaborating upon the details.

Lambah asserted that “History witnesses that Pakistan army chiefs focused on improving relations with India only after stabilizing” themselves. General Zia suggested back door channel dialogues after nine years in office, just before his death. General Musharraf began his peace overtures five years after taking over; and General Bajwa, three years after getting extension as army chief. Such occasions come after a gap of several years to negate “Traitor narrative”, he added.

Lambah was of the view to keep both sides engaged to lessen tension between the two arch rivals via trade and other mean.